The Peril of Short-Sighted Gains

January 5, 2011

Nothing like a New Year to write a blog post on building long-term sustainable value.  I was reminded of this strategic view of preserving long-term value by avoiding ill-advised short-term gains with a recent issue we had with a relatively new company.  It was rather surprising that any company would handle itself in such a manner that it was worth bringing up and hopefully you and I can learn from its mistakes. 


We ran into a situation with AdcloudMedia where we were invoiced for an amount significantly more than we had agreed to.  I generally do not have a problem with this as many companies can and have made rather innocent mistakes.  I had instructed our accounts payable person to not pay the invoice until we had it corrected – unfortunately for us, the check did go out.  I incorrectly assumed that when a company receives a check that is obviously in error (and notified several times about it) that it would either return the check so we can re-issue a new, correct check or they would refund us the difference.  This company felt that they deserved the check and mentioned on the one phone call I could get through that “finance had closed their books” and they would not be able to refund the money.  This is no different than you or I finding $8,000 in a wallet with ID and keeping it – sure we can keep it, but is it right?  My argument is that not only is this wrong, but so short-sighted that it borders on incompetence. 
Are you chasing short-term gains at the expense of long-term homeruns?  I admit that it’s easier to take the short-term gains and it’s hard to pass on immediate gratification for the opportunity of bigger gains down the road.  This company took $8,000 but lost the opportunity to grow a business where we would spend significantly more than that amount over the lifetime of our relationship.  I was really surprised that they worked so hard for our business, responding to phone calls and emails and then as soon as we complained about overpaying they never responded.  It’s like a hit and run, the 8-grand was the homerun and they were willing to burn the bridge.  My advice to them would be to – don’t take the easy money and walk away from the opportunity to build a long-term relationship.  I can think of countless companies that do this right.  Nordstrom’s – they’ll take a loss on a return, but by treating you right, you’ll come back and spend more and tell your friends.  We all know about Zappos, they take care of their customers and their customers are extremely loyal.  Customers want to be delighted and surprised by great stories.  Yet, at the same time, they won’t hesitate to share their displeasure with bad service or experiences.  This company has lost a long-term customer. 
We all know the power of word-of-mouth.  It’s powerful, but often underestimated.  It’s pretty easy to calculate what the win was for the company, about $8,000.  It’s a little harder to calculate what they lost – potentially $100,000 this year in new business from us.  However, word of mouth losses could exceed significantly more this year.  It takes both the positive and negative form.  We won’t recommend the firm to companies we’re friendly with which reduces referral business they would have received from us.  Obviously, we’ll be sharing stories with other business owners about our experience with them which may cost them new business moving forward.  The cost of doing business this way is significant. 
Another area of fallout include employee dissatisfaction.  If you can’t take care of your customers, will your employees work extra hard for you?  Will you even be able to keep your employees?   
So, what can we do in 2011 to focus on building long-term value for our companies, I’ve been thinking about some ideas and here are some:

1) Invest in relationships that have no immediate payoff.  Be thoughtful about how you can help another company reach their goals in 2011 even if there is no quid pro quo.  Make it a weekly rhythm of helping one acquaintence by making an introduction or taking a meeting.  Building long-term relationships absolutely results in positive outcomes even if it is just feeling good about helping another person or company out.  Deals are generally done because of relationships, make a concerted investment in them.

2) I had a unique opportunity to visit Robben Island last year and hear from one of the prisoners who lived with Nelson Mandela as well as listen to a political activist, Denis Goldberg, who was imprisoned for 22 years for his opposition to Apartheid.  Their personal stories as well as their stories about Nelson Mandela were incredible – even in the midst of living in extremely inhumane conditions at the prison, they showed fortitude and lived with integrity until their release.  They had a vision for South Africa and what it could be and followed through with dramatic human spirit to change a nation.  As entrepreneurs we often don’t think big enough and don’t have enough fortitude to drive through the hard times – staying consistent to who we are.  Invest in who you want to become and have a real vision to follow through.  My hope in 2011 is to be intentional, and not to be swayed by all the short-term opportunities that might seem attractive.      

3) Overdeliver.  How do we delight our customers, our employees, and our investors?  It used to be that getting an ok product with great marketing could drive a successful company.  Now, with social media, word of mouth, and instant feedback – great products, great service get recognized quickly.  Restaurants that used to be local favorites are now frequented by foodies around the world.  In 2011, I want our company to overdeliver – to really delight our users and surprise them.  Make it feel like magic!  Let your customers market to your userbase.  Focus on the product, focus on your employees, and your investors will be delighted.  Overdeliver.

What are some things you are working on in 2011 that will create long-term value?  Have you struggled with short-term gains that distract from the longer-term goal?  Share some of your thoughts below. 

Lastly, I don’t know these AdcloudMedia folks personally, and for all I know they are probably great guys and would be fun to hang out with.  I don’t care to really pursue things further with these guys because we’ve all done things that are shortsighted and probably hurt the businesses we run long-term.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll surprise us by doing the right thing.  I think the lessons we can learn from the way they conduct business proves to be a good reminder of what to strive for – surprise our customers with more than they expect and focus on driving long-term value.

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Comment by jim wang
2011-01-05 09:43:12

Friends matter more than money. When you’re lying on your deathbed, you aren’t counting how much money you made, you’re remembering the good times spent with family and friends.

Happy new year man!

Comment by Eric Itzkowitz Subscribed to comments via email
2011-01-05 17:39:54

As usual, a great post. and very inspiring. In 2011 I will become closer buds with some of the guys I met at Think Tank . I will offer my expertise(s) to help them with their businesses and I will not expect a favor to be returned. I will also focus on over delivering to my customers.

Comment by Matt Mickiewicz
2011-01-05 18:59:30

Ouch – you’d hope the idea of bad PR and a blog post like the one above would be disincentive enough against outright stealing $8K.

Now, whenever someone searches for their company name, there’s a fair chance they’ll see your post.

Comment by Jonathan Volk
2011-01-05 19:06:30

Great post! Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” I think the meaning of this proverb is exactly what you are saying.

Comment by Jojo Joson Subscribed to comments via email
2011-01-05 23:07:48

What if they Refund you with a heartfelt apology? will you forgive and consider continuing business with AdcloudMedia ?

Comment by David Ryan
2011-01-10 07:25:40

Being involved in the last 3 years in the construction sector, there are multiple temptations to taking the short sighted gains approach. The only portion that I find frustrating is taking the high road and losing contracts and good work because I didn’t cut a corner. I am still in the beleif that being ethical will pay off in the long term but I find the devil to be in my office on a daily basis!

Comment by Andy
2011-01-16 23:40:37

Good question. Yes.

Comment by Bryan Brickley
2011-02-03 14:08:39

AdcloudMedia = Adcirrus (just rebranded to run from all the companies they left high and dry)

I had a personal relationship with these guys and it’s shameful what they did and how they handled themselves. There is a growing list of ppc’s that are out a lot of money

The CEO of AdcloudMedia is George Nassef. George, you can run but you can’t hide. Not sure how you can look at yourself in the mirror.

Comment by Mark Subscribed to comments via email
2011-02-06 16:13:43

I know where you’re coming from. Adcloud did pretty much the same thing to me but a much smaller amount. From what I’ve heard, they also screw their traffic partners out of payments. It’s a shame businesses like this are part of our industry. I’m glad you wrote about this because most people sweep it under the rug and forget about it. Thanks!

Comment by Drew Subscribed to comments via email
2011-02-14 14:05:40

These guys owe us (and a lot of other people) a lot of money. You can’t just rebrand yourself under a different cloud name and think you can get off from all the money you owe everyone. George, start paying or it’s going to get ugly!

Comment by Uptown Rell
2011-02-14 21:27:39

lil jon and his boy’s was drinking out of one

Comment by Dane Jorgensen
2011-04-04 09:44:37

Thanks for the post. I had heard their name and was looking for information whether they were good to work with or not. Glad I found this before we started running traffic.

Comment by Guy Farmer
2011-04-16 13:34:23

Great perspective Andy. I really like the idea of creating long-term relationships. I’ve found it much more rewarding to build relationships first rather than hammering people over the head with a sales pitch. Deeper relationships also help generate other connections and word of mouth referrals.

Comment by Drew Subscribed to comments via email
2011-04-18 12:48:46

Anyone heard any more info on Ad Cloud/Ad Cirrus? What they are doing, who they are working with, where they are located, etc.?

Comment by Oliver Thylmann Subscribed to comments via email
2011-05-30 00:48:49

Just a short note that we do not have anything to do with Adcloud Media. We are part of the reason they are changing their name, being Adcloud in Germany. We registered a world wide trademark though, hence the name change.

We have some of the biggest publishers in germany as our customers and are paying just fine. :)


Oliver, CTO

Comment by James
2011-06-10 13:03:01

(nice fail ;))

Comment by Pissed Publisher
2011-10-28 22:25:42

George Nassef is a thief. He should be put in jail. His email is

Comment by James Subscribed to comments via email
2011-11-01 13:52:49


Thanks for the post. I can attest first hand how you felt and know the company personally as well. Feel free to reach out –

Comment by Allen Subscribed to comments via email
2012-03-12 14:02:22

Adcirrus has owed me over $2000 for 9 months now – bunch of fraudsters.

I would love to spread the word about these creeps.

Comment by Santiag Piola Subscribed to comments via email
2012-08-06 09:41:02


My name is Santiago Piola and I am the CEO at Zetanet. currently Adcirrus owes us a lot of money as well as other partners of the industry. We tried to contact their Finance Director Cathy Leone on several occasions and had no answer. George Nassef didn’t appear as well. did anyone took legal actions against them? any way to find them? every information is useful. Many thanks


Comment by Nana Subscribed to comments via email
2012-12-26 05:14:30

Adcirrus owes my company a huge amount of money. We are thinking of taking legal actions against them. Has anyone receive news or money from them?
Many thanks

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Comment by Ray Ban Zonnebril
2015-01-05 18:18:20

Deze apparaten zijn gewoon zwak tabletten op dezelfde manier de Netbook is een zwak PC. Mijn laatste jaar op de middelbare school werd ik uitgeroepen tot All Staat Ohio driepunts shooter, ja ik weet dat ik het kort, (point guard)! Ik speelde ook twee jaar in College! Mijn hoogste achievment was om een ​​volledige studiebeurs ontvangen voor vier jaar op Ray Ban Brillen de universiteit voor track! Hoewel niemand in Albanië is honger, het land heeft een van de laagste inkomens per

Comment by Ray Ban Wayfarer
2015-01-06 18:04:13

Chcem poďakovať nášmu šéfovi. Bol skvelý partner. Chcel by som poďakovať našej akadémie pre výcvik našich veľvyslancov. On alebo ona nebola viac času, najmä tajomné dieťa Môj partner a ja vykonávané takmer všade so mnou týkajúci sa deviatich niekoľkých mesiacov. On si zarobil jeho / jej vstup do celého sveta zabalené s charakterom. Máme legitímne s

Comment by Oakley Usa
2015-01-16 17:59:15

McRae terminou a corrida antes das explosões. Muitos fãs estrondo Dome e simpatizantes mostrou seu amor, chamando para o show. Typos fazer você amador e profissional. O conceito é bem enquadrado e atraente e toca o coração. “Estamos satisfeitos com a natureza interativa da sua posição, com sua nomeação conjunta da Faculdade de Artes e Ciências, onde ensina estudantes de graduação, bem como a sua nomeação primário em

Comment by Timberland St
2015-02-01 17:58:35

The Jayhawks tog to ud af tre sidste weekend vs TCU i en konference kamp. Dette sker netop når en ny bue føjes til stranden, som vist i nedenstående figurer. Vandbårne finish er også nonyellowing så vil ikke ændre farve over tid. Forsøgte at få hende ind i BIOS for at deaktivere sikker boot, og hvad sker der? Det vil ikke lade hende slukke den. Fra den lille alder, de er uddannet til Mont Blanc Danmark at være Gud at frygte. Blandt deres antal va

Comment by Timberland Sko
2015-02-01 17:58:55

Masser af skvulpende rundt i mudderet, som var slags sindssygt sjovt for os alle i vores leech sokker og gum boots :)) ikke se nogen appelsin, men reder de ville have gjort for et par dage siden. Et år senere, byen kan prale af en 92% dyr spare sats. Som deres leder jeg gjorde kun én ting: Jeg bragte begge grupper sammen, lærere og elever. Virkningen af ​​eksistentiel desorientering, som jeg kalder det, er grelt tydeligt i realm af beslutningsprocessen, især store

Comment by Timberland Sko
2015-02-08 18:11:48

Undersøgelsen omfattede 100 frivillige med hænderne sarte og cremet (tænk på George Costanza, før den ulykkelige hændelse med den varme jern) og 100 forsøgspersoner med tommelfingrene ramt af dermatitis. Twentyseven af ​​dermatologisk udfordrede deltagerne var i stand til at producere en læsbar fingeraftryk for en scanner, sammenlignet med kun to af kontrolgruppen.. Den lavere Engadin i Gräub og turister resorts såsom Grindelwald, Lau

Comment by Timberland St
2015-02-10 18:07:45

Ideen om mænd taler forretning på et sted som Starbucks. Jeg tror, ​​det er bare latterligt. I halvfjerdserne, wonder års indkøbscentre og Walmart kunne Oxford godt have gået vejen for mange små Mississippi byer, hvor byens torv mistet sin draw. Men forankret ved Neilson Department Store (“Syd ældste Store”) og en håndfuld af lokalt ejede virksomheder, der hang på en isenkræmmer, en tør renere, en barber shop, amtet coop, et apot

2015-02-13 18:03:18

Toen ik gouverneur van Massachusetts, een middelbare school diploma te krijgen, moest je een examen. Groene of rode paprika’s is een essentieel onderdeel van uw dieet. Ik heb een iPad en er is zo veel meer dat ik kan doen met het in vergelijking met de Kindle. Good Luck .. LOWELL heeft enorm geprofiteerd van de aanwezigheid van zowel staats-en federale monumentenzorg heffingskortingen. Om mee te doen, selecteert u “Ja, Ray Ban Bril ik wil GRATIS Tweedaagse verzending met Amazon Prime” boven de k

Comment by Mont Blanc Fyldepen
2015-02-24 18:09:48

Vitti at identificere thethinking mønstre, der fører ham til at påtage sig “det værste er happeningregarding have et angreb. Han oprindeligt bygget sit eget udstyr ved hånden, fordi hans forskning havde overhalet den tilgængelige teknologi. Den første strategi fortsatte .. Dette kan føre til masser af gentage business som jeg lancere flere sites. Kontekst: Honduras er stolt af sine mere end 100 beskyttede områder, adskillige holdige skrøbelige og

Comment by Hollister Eu
2015-03-13 18:08:04

Váš finančné vzdelávanie. Urobte si čas na všimnúť fúzy vaša mačka je. Ale to nie je úplne moja vina. Počiatok prvého teplo je predznamenalo dozrievania vlna folikulov vo vaječníku suky a náhle zvýšenie hladiny estrogénu. Dospelé mačky (nad 2 roky veku), ktoré žijú iba vnútorné (bez expozíciu voči ostatným mačkám mimo ich domov) Ro&#

2015-03-19 18:16:00

This Show Has Been Going 50 YearsBy Joshua Lockhart on Independence day June, 2013 The Internet 2 Comments Doctor Who is a nerdy TV show that has averyextensive catalog of real information that spans over half a century, and it would be foolish for any person to say that they know every thing about the series. (Even if you do know everything, you probably don I actually not sorry for saying that.) Rather than trying to pay attention to each and every detail of every single tv show, there are alt

2015-03-29 18:08:07

MSI GT70 Ivy Bridge Gaming Notebook OfferCongrats to lebarle who acquired the MSI Z77A GD65 from our last loss leader. As I hinted at last time frame however, if you didn win or aren in need of a new motherboard, MSI got something special planned for us: a new quad core Ivy Bridge notebook to give up.It the MSI GT70, a 17.3 inch 1080p gaming notebook Barbour Wax Jacket Sale computer with a Core i7 3610QM CPU (quad primary Ivy Bridge, 2.3GHz base time, 3.3GHz max turbo). The unit comes with an in

Comment by Hollister Eu
2015-04-06 19:16:07

A tak Duffy a jeho tím strávili posledných niekoľko mesiacov usilovne snažia zistiť, prečo sa kvalita obrazu nie je až na šnupavý tabak. Duplex rozvodový reťaz sada C AJJ3325Used Testované 1300 + Engine TransmissionThese ojazdený jednotky boli vyradené z automobilov vo Veľkej Británii, a sú testované Mini Mania kompresia, tlak oleja a ranu. Neuveriteľné. Boli to nie je tak zlé. Mám

Comment by Woolrich Jacket
2015-04-13 18:04:10

‘Len som sa držal moje vlastné, naozaj,’ povedala. ‘Myslím, ešte, že kŕmenie trubice v žalúdku, takže som mať nočnú kanály a počas dňa ešte môžem vziať v veľa jedla vôbec, ale ja zostávam z nemocnice. ‘Pani Austrin hovorí neurologické vyšetrenie tento rok robil málo a odporúčania od jej GP odborníkov nepomohlo ako nikto nič nevedel o toxin.To aby t

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