Becoming a Rock Star

October 11, 2010

As a kid growing up, I idolized Rock Stars and was a fan of a bunch of old rock bands.  I’m still a fan of Kansas, Boston, Yes, U2, Jefferson Starship, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, GNR, etc.  I dreamed about becoming a rock star and played in several bands, I even owned a really cool red “key-tar” (a guitar looking keyboard for those of you who don’t remember).  We would practice for hours, play gigs, and try to hit it big by sending in demos to the record lables.  We would dream about getting that elusive record deal and become rock stars.  Although it never happened, I found that some of my fondest memories and happiest times were when we were “in the zone” practicing or playing in front of small crowds.  Have you ever felt like you were “in the zone”?  For me, that meant everyone in the band was on the same page, feeding off of the energy of each other, and making great music – it was raw and pure joy!  The same can be said for a business that is “in the zone”.

How do you get your business “in the zone” and really working on all cylinders?  I can honestly say that it doesn’t happen often and you absolutely know it when it happens, the team is all on the same page focused and energized on the vision, customers are happy, investors are excited, and you are absolutely on a mission.  Here are my thoughts on the three ways to get “in the zone”:

1) It takes a spark.  Someone in the band has a creative moment and starts a simple chord progression with a rocking tempo and the band starts jamming.  That’s all it takes is someone with initiative to start it off.  That of course, should be you.  It’s your inspiration, your creativity, your energy that everyone will feed off of.  However, you’ve got to get off your butt – and execute against your idea and inspire a team around you.  Get the ball rolling, stop listening to music and make your own.

2) Move until you Groove.  A lot of times, a drummer or a guitar player will start a jam session with a simple beat or a guitar lick and the band just starts feeding on it until everyone is in a groove.  However, most times, people just aren’t feeling it or just don’t get it and you’ve got to start over and take another direction.  Recognizing when something just isn’t working and moving on is a great skill, move on too quickly and you just might miss a great opportunity, move too slowly and you lose valuable time.  The underlying lesson is always be moving because you will hit a groove – too many entrepreneurs just plain give up when things aren’t going right.  Things mostly don’t go right, you’ve got to keep trying.  It’s worth the ride to get the groove on – several of my companies took at least 2-3 years before we got it right.

3) Build energy or momentum.  Once you’re in a groove, don’t let up.  Hit the gas pedal.  It’s just getting fun, everyone has got energy, executing on all cylinders.  You’re moving downhill, take advantage of it.  People feed off your energy and you feed off theirs, so keep your energy level high.  For example, the best time to sell a deal is right after you close a deal – you’re on a high, you’re confident, and you’re on a roll!  When we were in a groove jamming away, we would try to keep it going as long as we could.

4) It takes the right band members.  It’s impossible for me to get a tone deaf person to be the lead singer just like it would be impossible for me to teach a drummer how to keep a beat.  If you have those people in your company, let them go.  Once you have them though, trust that they can do their jobs and provide the right environment for them to thrive and to get into a groove.  When we were jamming in a band, we had to trust each other especially when we’re performing – focusing on our own role.

5) It’s all about rhythm.  Music wouldn’t be music without rhythm.  As human beings we have rhythm as well, a pulse, a heartbeat – without it, we are dead.  Business without rhythm is undisciplined, likely to be dead quickly.  What do I mean by business rhythm?  Do you have critical processes that help keep everyone aligned and accountable (board meetings, huddles, etc)?  How do you keep a rhythm of high energy (celebrations, parties)?  How about a communicative rhythm (investor updates, company updates) to keep key folks thinking about your business?  Keeping a regular rhythm helps you stay disciplined and accountable.

When a business is totally cranking, energized, and everyone is aligned – it is a real joy for everyone involved. One of my favorite rock stars, Bono once said “Joy is a subject I go on and on about. It’s one of the only emotions you can’t contrive. It’s impossible. Despair and anger are easier to convey. Great rock ‘n’ roll, the raw stuff, is pure joy. It’s that sense of being alive, of being grateful for your pulse.” I love rock ‘n’ roll, and like music I think great businesses can also bring real joy and fun for not only you, but everyone you come in contact with.

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Comment by purposeinc
2010-10-11 23:13:43

Do you have any idea what I would be willing to pay to watch you play a keytar?

Comment by gene
2010-10-11 23:29:58

Yo Andy, nice post. First of all, you promised 3 and gave 5, so nice job underpromising and overdelivering.

Second, great point about keeing rhythm of high energy. For more on that, I’ll send you an article called “Manager your Energy, not your Time.” Highly recommend it to all.

Comment by Groove
2010-10-12 02:38:50

“just like it would be impossible for me to teach a drummer how to keep a beat”.

I think I’ve played with that drummer at some point… 😉

Comment by workers comp law
2011-01-05 19:43:13

All great performers have the ability to get in the zone. Athletes, musicians, businesspeople, everyone. It allows you to ignore the distractions and focus like a laser beam.

Comment by Uptown Rell
2011-02-14 21:29:24

We need more good music like this

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Comment by Ray Ban Praha
2014-12-25 18:23:22

Tento proces sa už začal. V minulom roku v USA, Isis, joint venture medzi Verizon, AT a T-Mobile, bol vytvorený s cieľom vybudovať mobilné platobné siete, údajne v snahe udržať nezávislosť od finančných spoločností tak, že používatelia by viesť účtovníctvo s mobilnými cos, ale v júli, Visa, MasterCard, Discover a American Express zapísané. Johnova Regatta. [10] O

Comment by Oakley Usa
2015-01-16 17:58:58

Eu me esqueci dessas ações por vários anos, até que chegou a US $ 55 por ação. Como isso me intriga que eu gostaria de ter um olhar mais atento por que isso poderia ser ea psicologia por trás dele .. Desde os primeiros origens da impressão 3D tem havido muitas discussões, artigos e relatórios gerados sobre o potencial ‘que esta tecnologia oferece aos . Acreditando que um diretor, de alguma forma adivinhar o seu talento e dedicação de um

Comment by Hollister Sweden
2015-01-18 18:19:44

Lisäksi lenkkari kengät tulevat joka koossa nuorten / lasten, pojat, naiset ja miehet kokoja. Sneaker kengät ovat myös täydellinen kumppani lapsesi toimintaan, kuten koripallo tai muiden urheilutoimintaa. Nämä lenkkarit ovat helliä taskukirja ja lapsesi helposti arvostavat hip muotoilu. Tyttöjen tai naisten, tennarit sopivat hyvin heidän tanssia toimintaa tai kuntosalilla liittyvää toimintaa. Kaikin tavoin, ne tarjoavat mukavuutta ja mi

Comment by Timberland St
2015-01-29 18:06:51

Opdigtede noget, der var frisk og original, som var virkelig spændende for mig at se. Rock Girl søger at reducere vold mod kvinder og piger gennem oprettelse af sikre rum. Augustine, Arizona, især menes at være den populære flugt ferie spots hvor altid appellerer webside besøgende for sine yearround varme temperaturer, region tid til øer, fantastiske eaterys, men perfekt jagt. På denne faktor i ens fonde erhverve en payday lån kan synes som en fornuft

Comment by Ugg Praha
2015-02-03 18:26:05

Ako národ. Je, aby sa spojili a robiť svoju úlohu ako jednej komunity, kto v Spojených štátoch amerických, aby zabezpečili príležitosti pre všetky naše deti. Dni nie sme tie jednoduché. Google je teraz reklama na Oakley Brýle londýnskom metre alebo metrom, ako to populárno známy. Dnes som videl tieto reklamy na centrálnej vlakovej trati v Londýne. Tu je niekoľko snímok urobených z m&#244

Comment by Abercrombie Mikina
2015-02-05 18:15:55

Myslite na to. Po Nike Air Max prvé, časť definície vraždy je, že je nezákonné zabíjanie. Ráno disk na Golf Channel je môj obľúbený program. A dokázať, aké ľahké je pre lekára sa fotografie, títo ľudia demonštrujú 3.5GHz K8 Hammer čip 5200. Som prechádzal trochu depresie, pretože som bol len sedieť, nie na koni, nie je pracovné. Zelený Venture je z

Comment by Timberland St
2015-02-10 18:06:36

Den samlede værdi af D er hvad du skal beregne. Støtte system skrevet. For ingen hensigt forældet, er Nordamerika gås absolut en forkortelse med hensyn til de mest uptodate mode igen. De vigtigste illustrationer, du har foretaget, den ligefremme web site menu, de venskaber Mont Blanc Pen dit websted giver støtte til at fremme den alt, hvad ekstraordinær, og det er virkelig hjælpe Mbt Udsalg vores søn foruden os med at forstå, at situationen er sjovt,

2015-02-26 18:30:42

Eu posso vê-lo como nós vamos (de modo que, se é claro que estamos tomando um caminho estranho, posso perguntar-lhes o que está acontecendo), mais ele irá registrar a rota que o motorista leva para que eu tenho prova para reclamar com o táxi empresa, se eu fui roubado. Você pode ser um estudante sem dinheiro agora, mas ela deve ser capaz de ver que, se ela investe sua atenção em você agora, venceu apenas levar a becos sem saída na estrada.Pr

Comment by Woolrich Antwerpen
2015-02-27 18:25:46

Toch, terwijl Eifert heeft een slag op zijn handen probeert te Jermaine Gresham upend als de starter, wees niet verbaasd als Eifert wint uiteindelijk de rol. We hebben een uitslag van hen de afgelopen maand Woolrich Antwerpen had, een uitslag van de drie politie-imitators, “zei Mickewicz.” Arresteer de politie imitators, dus kom hier niet uit expletief rockende een krachtterm uniform doen alsof je beter bent dan wie dan ook, Robert Barron uitgelegd in theCatholicismseries die heiligen zijn mense

2015-03-03 18:10:20

Embora existam algumas deficiências de capacidade na frente da câmera, o aparelho é bem adequado para a execução de aplicativos exigentes enquanto facilmente ligar através de um dia de trabalho sem precisar de uma recarga. Apesar de anos de terapia, eu ainda tinha coisas para aprender sobre os meus defeitos de desempenho social, e eu encontrei-o em Linehan.” onmouseover=”’#ebeff9′” onmouseout=”’#fff'”>Esta inclus

Comment by Br
2015-03-06 18:15:04

Ak vlastníte WP a konta Windows Ralph Lauren Trička Live ID bola stanovená na Spojených štátoch, nemôžete zmeniť krajinu Filipíny. Na webe, budeme pravdepodobne musieť rozdeliť jednotlivé informácie do niekoľkých, odkazované stránky, pretože web používatelia neradi museli posunúť dole a čítať dlhé stránky. Bradford Štadión je dokončená s

2015-03-08 18:08:29

Bem, por enquanto, eu posso pegar o resto a minha mão precisa do trabalho. Ofensivamente, eles podem marcar fora da corrida, eles podem marcar fora do ciclo e as suas defesas podem contribuir para ajudar a criar metas .. Mas há 18 anos, o estupro aconteceu na residência de alguém e agora a mesma pessoa está dizendo que iriam fornecer segurança para as mulheres na Se você está envolvido com um abusador ou dependente ou cresceu como o filho de um deles, voc&

2015-04-02 18:01:25

Sales Are ProblematicOh yea where to begin.DRM just doesn’t work, and is terrible as a concept; challenge from gamers is more robust than ever before, but GOG isn’t concerned that its fans will use its DRM free system. GOG clients tend to download a game just the once, and when GOG launched a 25 money back guarantee program, customer support inquiries only increased by a small amount.This, thinks Rambourg, is definitely proof that GOG’s customers will not be scamming the system. If they were bei

Comment by Belstaff Beckham
2015-04-02 18:03:16

” onmouseover=”’#ebeff9′” onmouseout=”’#fff'”>Assim, a empresa Hollister Camisas Polo evita cuidadosamente aval direto de reivindicações do TOI, mas usa-os em um recurso de marketing, onde eles são os principais pontos .. Nós ir direto para o quintal do meio-dia às oito, nove o não podia sentir que os dedos, não conseguia sentir os dedos dos pés.Ela e sua equipe pensaram que os cães podem reagir me

Comment by Loja Abercrombie
2015-04-14 18:02:05

O significado disso é que você deve amar Loja Timberland Leiria um Deus, de todo o coração. Isso soa tão simples não é? Mas, na verdade, não é porque somos uma geração muito idólatra. A cirurgia vai realizar sua próxima participação Forum Paciente; estes fóruns são projetados para permitir que os pacientes a ter uma discussão construtiva com a prática sobre os serviços que prestamos na cirurgia. S

Comment by Cinturones Gucci
2015-11-25 19:31:17

Una insignia de tamaño considerable en la caja para NHL 14 proclama la serie ha sido nombrado ‘Juego de Deportes del Año’ por más de veintiséis puntos de venta en toda la vida de la franquicia, sin embargo, la serie de hockey de EA rara Michael Kors Outlet vez recibe la misma atención por parte de su editor como Madden y FIFA . A pesar de su éxito crítico y comercial de la adoración de los fans de toda la vida, la franquicia NHL rara vez recibe la promoci&

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