Giving away a ticket to Startup Day

September 20, 2010


My friends Marcelo Calbucci and Jennifer Cabala were gracious enough to give away 1 ticket to Startup Day to a reader of InspiredStartup.  The event takes place this Saturday 9/25 in Bellevue and tickets run from $245-$395.  If you are remotely considering starting a company, this is a great event to attend with speakers like Dave McClure, Keith Smith, Ben Elowitz, and Hadi Partovi - all of whom I’m a fan of.  I’ll select one reader to give a ticket to - all you have to do is answer my simple question - what is the biggest hurdle for “pre-entrepreneurs” to start a company?  Feel free to comment below or link to your answer on a blog or tweet.  I’ll do my best to select the winner by Thursday AM.

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Comment by Oleg Barshay
2010-09-21 08:11:16

Biggest hurdle is always fear of failure.

Comment by Ryan Sessler
2010-09-21 09:03:31

Managing your time effectively - prioritizing.

Comment by Ryan
2010-09-21 17:35:06

I’d personally would say the biggest hurdle is having the drive to do so. Everyone can come up with a dozen great ideas but having “the drive” and “passion” to put it in place and execute is a whole other challenge.

But to Oleg’s comment of fear of failure, it’s so true. Running a play that you’ve been thinking about in your head for X months means that you are only that much closer to knowing if it’s a good or bad idea. And even if it is a good idea you will still learn if it’s an idea that will make money or solve a problem.

Comment by Jimmy Tang
2010-09-21 17:36:57

I would say not having the resources there to bounce ideas off of and having someone guide you through the small details of starting a business.

Comment by Robel Subscribed to comments via email
2010-09-21 23:30:07

Most of us wait for the right moment, right opportunity, right idea…. to start a business but, such moments hardly exist. So we wait. .. As time goes on, we develop a comfort zone around what we have and make it difficult for us to venture out to the unknown.
While it’s important to have a right timing, we need to be comfortable with the missing puzzle pieces and start searching, believing we will find it.

Comment by Rick
2010-09-22 17:27:44

Just do it. It’s cliche, but that’s the biggest hurdle, getting off your a!@ and doing it.

Comment by Jordan Subscribed to comments via email
2010-09-22 18:05:23

Founder issues. There’s no doubt that having the right mentors, getting aggressive, having the perfect market with massive potential and size and all that are important. But an early-stage company is agile and can pivot in a different direction if one of those things isn’t right. Simply talking with customers will get you in the right direction. Change is inevitable on all those fronts and should be expected. However, most startups fail simply because of founder issues. Whether it’s the wrong mix of talent or disagreement about direction and strategy, it’s essential to overcome the hurdle of a solid relationship among the founders or failure won’t be that far away.

Comment by Antonio
2010-09-22 23:02:36

Courage… To switch from a boring, well paid and stable job, to pursuit a dream, fueled by passion and desire of making the world a better place.

Comment by Robel Subscribed to comments via email
2010-09-23 00:53:12

Yes thats true, as the famous saying goes … “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.”

Comment by Amit Subscribed to comments via email
2010-09-23 02:00:39

One of the biggest hurdles is Fear of Failure. The fear which comes to your mind when you think - “Will my business work? Will anyone use my product?”


Comment by Jimmy Tang
2010-09-23 15:17:20

Did I win? :)

Comment by Andy
2010-09-23 21:26:53

Thanks everyone for participating! Sorry for the delay. Robel - you are the winner! Email me for the ticket and let me know if you can’t make it - I’ll make other arrangements. andy at inspiredstartup dot com.

Comment by Robel Subscribed to comments via email
2010-09-24 08:42:52

Thank you Andy, My emails bounced back so I resent to gmail acct listed, Robel

Comment by Minu Subscribed to comments via email
2010-10-04 23:35:47

The biggest hurdle to starting a company is that one simply has nothing to say.

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