Lessons from the Seahawks Loss

January 16, 2011

All good things come to an end and so it is with the 2010-2011 Seattle Seahawks season as they lost today 35-24 against da Bears. I grew up a huge fan of the Seahawks and have followed them for as long as I can remember and this season short of winning the Super Bowl was one of the more inspiring seasons I’ve ever seen. For those of you who don’t follow the Seahawks, they finished 4-12 and 5-11 in the two seasons prior to this one in which they were probably worse than their record indicated. This year, they had over 200 roster changes, won the worst division in the NFL with a 7-9 record and won at home in the playoffs against the defending Super Bowl champs in one of the biggest upsets in the NFL. It was quite the ride for a season low on expectations. After the loss, I had a few random thoughts about the season and some lessons learned.

1) When things aren’t going well, just a little spark and positive attitude can turn things around quickly. When the Seahawks lost at home against Tampa Bay and were 6-9, they looked awful and no one gave them a chance of making the playoffs. In two short weeks, their outlook changed and they defeated the Saints. Too often, things look bleak for our businesses when many times, we might be just a turn or play or decision away from turning things around with positive momentum.

2) With low expectations, you can become the talk of the town! This past week, I can’t remember one day where I didn’t enter into a random conversation with someone about the Seahawks. They were the talk of the town – they galvanized the community and fairweather fans became diehard fans. Trust me, 2-3 weeks ago, people weren’t talking Seahawks. Our businesses can do the same thing, by defying expectations, and going above and beyond we’ll create fans and customers that love us and will share with the rest of the world. We just have to deliver. As entrepreneurs, I feel we’re always the underdog, the odds are stacked against us, and like the Seahawks we have to work our way to defy expectations and to create the buzz around our companies.

3) Give credit to Pete Carroll. The guy really is the Tony Robbins of the NFL. I read his book – Win Forever – and, it was a little too sugary for me. However, the guy lives it out and is consistent day in and day out with regards to being positive, motivational, energetic, and competitive. The team believed in its leader and played hard for him, there was a pretty big difference in their swagger, belief, and it showed on the field. I’m not saying we need to be Pete Carroll in our businesses, but we can sure learn from being focused and having everyone on our team moving in the same direction.

4) Get rid of the wrong players. With over 200 roster changes, if you weren’t bought into the system, you were out. Period. The Seahawks paid a receiver over $6M to not play for the Seahawks. If you have team members that aren’t willing to buy into your vision and pull the same direction, it’s time to let them go. For a startup, you can ill afford to have team members that are just there for a paycheck. You want people who want to win, who are and act like owners, that don’t give up easily. They are positive and influence others positively.

5) You are going to lose occassionally, but don’t lose the war. It sucks that the Seahawks lost and I’m sure the players were extremely disappointed especially since the stars lined up and Green Bay would have played in Seattle next week and New England is now out of the playoffs. But, the beautiful thing like sports, entrepreneurship is a journey and a game. If you play the game right, there’s always next season and there’s always tomorrow.

It was a fun ride and I was definitely inspired by the last couple of weeks. If the Seahawks can beat the Saints with a roster of unknown names – we can do the same with our businesses!

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Comment by Shane Jones Subscribed to comments via email
2011-01-17 00:09:59

Great observations Andy. It goes to show, there are always people, companies, teams, and situations that we can draw inspiration from. Another observation I’d add to the list is that a team that has fun together enjoys the wins more and handles the losses better. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Seahawks having this much fun and I’m sure that contributed to the Saints win and will help them get over today’s loss. In sports and in startups, that kind of chemistry can make all the difference.

Comment by Joseph Sunga Subscribed to comments via email
2011-01-17 11:13:14

What Pete Carroll and the Seahawks have done is instill a winning mentality for the team. Despite the 7-9 record, they were still head strong in winning. A lot of folks felt they should have just lost to the St. Louis Rams to get a higher draft pick, but they weren’t having any of it. They don’t play to lose. They play to win. It wasn’t in their culture, that they were building, to just lay down to anyone. I think this goes with businesses, as well. It’s important to build a culture that wants to win — that’s wants to succeed. More likely than not, it’ll find a way to get there.

Go Seahawks!

Comment by Uptown Rell
2011-02-14 21:24:05

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Správy o deň môže byť všetko, Windows Phone, ale to Vari zastaviť Samsung z nutnosti slávnostného zahájenia pre americkú Samsung Galaxy S 3. Vodcovia Prvé národov boli uvedení posledné úpravy na prevzatie pred dvoma týždňami v rovnakej dobe Ottawa Komisie pravdy a zmierenia konala udalosť vo Vancouveri, aby diskutovali o desaťročia mentálne, emocionálne a fyzické pošk

Comment by Fred Perry G
2015-04-12 18:20:23

Buna ek olarak, VBM study18 sonuçları ilgi bu faktörlere kronik schizophrenia.Based bilateral geçici kutup gri madde içerisinde bir birim azalma ve insula ve temporal direğin MRI yapısının doğrudan ve aynı anda karşılaştırmalar ile daha önceki çalışmalarda mevcut olmadığını göstermiştir anatomik tanımlanan İB’leri kullanarak şizofreni ve affektif psikoz para

2015-04-14 18:01:35

“[Onlar] ya da yapabileceğim bir şey varsa görmek için çiftlik evine geri koştu,” Steadman dedi. “Çok geç oldu. Ateş topu, düz aşağı Paradise Park geldi. Newsday Dergisi Haber tabanca ruhsatı harita White Plains, New York’ta bir hırsızlık bir rol oynadı, polis soruşturma olduğunu bildirdi. Polise göre, en az iki hırsızları 12 Ocak 2013 tarihinde bir eve girdi ama yasal olarak s

Comment by Nike Zapatos
2015-04-19 17:45:34

Así que el primer paso en cualquier acuerdo climático racional sería una moratoria inmediata en la búsqueda de más combustibles fósiles, y los planes justos para la forma de decidir cuál de las existencias dejaremos sin usar. Como Bassey puso: ‘Mantener el carbón en el hoyo Mantenga el aceite en el suelo Mantener la arena de alquitrán en la tierra…’ Esta opción ni siquiera se discutió por nuestros líderes.. Era, de todos modos. Hace u

2015-04-27 18:14:34

Odráža tiež 12 mesiacov v roku, 4 ročné obdobia, a slnovratov a rovnodennosťou. Termín zverokruh sa vzťahuje k faktu, že súhvezdia boli anthropomorphized, alebo stelesnil, ako čísla, alebo animals.In Inými slovami, rané civilizácie nebol len sledovať slnko a hviezdy, ale stelesnený im komplikované mýty zahŕňajúce ich pohyby a vzťahy. Slnko, s jeho životnosť dávania a

Comment by Hollister Lille
2015-04-28 18:00:08

Porte-parole Medical Center de Halifax Byron Cogdell dit 12 spectateurs ont été traités dans la salle d’urgence de l’hôpital, sept de blessures liées à l’accident dont une avec blessures mortelles et un mineur dans un état critique et cinq questions non connexes. Selon VITESSE et AP, la nuit tous les patients ont été améliorés de critique à stable.En effet, nous sommes tellement filaire pour cela que nos gènes nous récompensen

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