Little Sleep, High Energy

June 3, 2011

Lately, I’ve been on the road often for business and pulling nearly all-nighters and packing the day so tightly with meetings that literally, we would have 20 minutes for lunch if that. We’ve been investing heavily in a new space and building a technology we think will transform the living room. It means that we’re heads down cranking away on product, strategy, and business development. We’re planning on launching the product in the next few weeks. It’s an energetic yet highly stressful time. Are you out there living the dream, surviving on adrenaline? If not, why not?

It is a really exciting time to be an entrepreneur right now. While most people are out there following the sensationalist headlines which paralyzes people, entrepreneurs are creating and building solutions. Headlines like - dismal job growth in May, US in default, Is this the double-dip recession? They can wear heavy on the masses and actually do a good job of driving more news consumption which turns into a re-affirming negative cycle. Say things are really bad long enough, it becomes true. The best entrepreneurs are ignoring the headlines and seeing opportunities through the fog. I’m seeing real opportunities in the living room where devices are getting better and better, technology is moving at a faster pace than ever, content business models rapidly evolving, and general consumer excitement. Entrepreneurs see those opportunities and execute. What areas are you seeing real opportunities and what are you doing about it?

I was once told that you can always sleep more once you’re dead. There’s just too much to do, finding great opportunities and doing what we do best - pulling resources together to build something really special. Umm, who needs sleep?

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Comment by Jarl Subscribed to comments via email
2011-06-03 12:36:14

Andy, sounds intense… Just remember getting less then 7 hours of sleep is not optimal. And sleep deprivation can contribute to just about every possible illness or reason for premature death…

Comment by jimbrown
2011-06-04 11:36:16

Just remember that some entrepreneurs are either delusional or just extremely hopeful. Good luck!

Comment by Glenn Kelman
2011-06-07 09:02:00

Go Andy! I like to grind pretty hard, too, but feel like I get unsustainable on less than five or six hours a night. I try to think about maximizing my output over 30 days not over 1…

Can’t wait to get BuddyTV in my living room…

Comment by James
2011-06-10 13:01:33

I agree its pretty hard

Comment by Bill
2011-06-17 15:49:03

I am a big believer of sleeping once dead, and ideally not much sooner, but I’m with Glenn that much less than 6 hours and I start to get pretty useless. I have found that if I sleep as much as possible on the weekends that it helps me get away with using less on the weekdays when I’m more engaged in productive stuffs.

P.S. Can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor start to manifest! You’re building a product that is going to be super useful for us all.

Comment by Ridge
2011-06-18 23:02:53

I have spells where I go non-stop for months, then I crash and burn and usually end up getting some type of cold/flu lol - So while I agree that its normal for people like us to burn the candle at both ends, I usually end up paying a price for it.

Comment by Cary Bergeron
2011-06-19 11:52:40

Sleep is overrated for sure. You really only need about 4-6 hours a night.

Comment by UptownRell
2011-08-29 19:42:28

I agree i’ll sleep when i’m rich

Comment by UptownRell
2011-08-29 19:43:29

But also i’f you work hard you need good sleep brain gotta rest to act right

Comment by Joris Subscribed to comments via email
2011-10-24 06:05:54

I can function for a couple of days with 4/5 hours sleep a night. But it really kills my creativity. I work better - faster and more creative when i’ve slept for 7 hours. But sometimes I have to finish the website or marketing strategy that i’m working on and just keep going till 4am+. I’ll just reschedule the creative tasks that i’ve planned for the next day to some other day.

Comment by Grubbs
2011-11-27 14:54:39

really who need’s sleep i don;t and i run all day just fine.

Comment by babba
2013-09-02 09:58:39

Andy looks like he could use some sleep.

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